How was Pinocho Club founded?
In the evening of Monday, July 20th 1925, Mr Felix Zugazti, who was then a 16-year-old boy, got a dozen kids together who were all between 10 and 12 years old. He met them at the backyard of his house, at 3433 Colodrero St., claiming that he had read an announcement on the Spanish magazine PINOCHO. Such announcement encouraged every single Spanish-spoken city to found a club carrying the name of the adventurer Pinocho.

The Club s name and colours
Mr Felix Zugazti voiced that the group of kids, who were sympathetic with the popular wooden dummy, should join the call and found a club, which was to be called Pinocho Football Club. The Club s first team would be made up by the kids in the meeting. Mr Zugazti stated that not only was he going to buy the footballs, the T-shirts (which would have green and white vertical stripes) and the Club s official stamp, but also claimed that he would pay for the Club s expenses on his own.

The members
The members of the Club did not have to pay anything at all for their membership. However, they had to meet a really colourful clause so as to be admitted as members: they had to be able to tell the tale of Pinocho. (Pinocchio) All of the clauses were fully accepted and it was agreed that Mr Zugazti would not be one of the players but the sole Head of the Club. Following this, both the team s Captain and Sub-captain were picked up. As a result of a secret vote (by using little pieces of paper with names written on them), Mr Valentín Rios and Mr Raul Dominguez were chosen for performing such roles.

Eventually, it was decided that the Club s official emblem was going to be a drawing of the dummy Pinocho, who would be shown as if shotting a ball. This emblem was first published on the fifth issue of PINOCHO magazine, when it was officially informed about the foundation of the new Club.

The first match
The first match was played against El Dólar Club in August 1925. Actually, according to what the Club s old books read, the match was about not to take place because almost all of the opponents were wearing long trousers. The trouble was finally overcome by allowing the Club s delegate, Mr Zugazti, to be part of the team with the aim to reinforce it.

This is the reason why… Pinocho is not just a a neighborhood club…Pinocho is a Great Neighborhood Club.

Sport is health for both the body and the mind. Sport is joy, friendship and growth. That is why Pinocho encourages children to join the Club and do sports. This is the very first step.
The second step involves parents, who naturally and spontaneously come to the Club to see their children take part in different activities. In doing this, they discover the warm, safe, peaceful and healthy environment reigning in our Club. Here they find a place with friends, fun, peace, creativity and health, which is also aimed at them.

Pinocho seeks, starting with children, to get the family together and lend them a second home. Pinocho is not a tale. It is reality. Come and see it yourself.

Félix Zugasti